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Floor Insulation

Underfloor insulation stops heat (and cooling) being lost through the flooring material. Even a completely sealed floor will allow the heat and cold to escape, and the greater the temperature difference is between outside and inside, the more you’ll notice that there’s something missing – namely underfloor insulation!

Why You Should Install Floor Insulation Batts

Floor Insulation will help to decrease electricity bills as appliances such as heaters and air-conditioners will become more efficient as less heat will escape out of the building. With less heat escaping, this will reduce the reliance on heating and cooling systems, calling for less energy consumption, allowing residents to save money on heating bills.

Floor Insulation helps create a comfortable living environment. Therefore, it is critical to consider insulation and how it can assist in complying with the Building Council of Australia (BCA). Having a comfortable, well-insulated home with a high energy rating can also add to the value of the home.

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